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Golden Chick (a new eatery in town)

When you are out for shopping, it is kind of a ritual to eat out, if you try to avoid it; your greedy tummy never let you do it. I was shopping at Dolmen Mall Clifton and as always I... Continue Reading →


Desi Khana at Noon Sey Nihari

Desi food is the most satisfying food. No matter how much junk you eat nothing satisfies your tummy the way desi khana like salan, roti and chawal does. Noon sey nihari is a place that serves you food which is... Continue Reading →

Rawaan: apni talash main

Pakistan is no doubt a beautiful country, a country with breath taking views and scenery. There is a very fine difference in being a traveler and a tourist and as being a traveler and an explorer myself I completely fell... Continue Reading →

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