When you are out for shopping, it is kind of a ritual to eat out, if you try to avoid it; your greedy tummy never let you do it. I was shopping at Dolmen Mall Clifton and as always I was automatically pulled towards the food court. and that’s how I got the chance to try GoldenChick . There were few things on the menu that instantly took my attention and I decided to order them all.

Let me start with the catfish, I personally liked it. It was lightly seasoned and not much of mirch masala type as a lot of seasoning kills the actual taste of fish. I found it more English in taste and less desi. The batter was crispy and thin. The best part was the fish was cooked perfectly (not overcooked) which many restaurants fail to understand that overcooked fish is a disaster. Fried okra was a new thing to me so I decided to order as a sideline. It tasted okay. Could be improved with adding some more spices or seasoning to it.


Second dish was grilled chicken tenders. They were juicy but i found them a bit salty. And for me even little bit of extra salt kills the taste. Apart from that other spices and marination was good and balanced.


We also ordered their chicken salad and wow what a treat it was. It had chunks of pineapples, creamy chicken and few vegetables. All of them were complementing the overall taste. I really could not stop eating it and had to order more.


Jalapeno poppers are a must try. Bite side fried jalapeno in thin batter filled with cheddar cheese and thousand island. Yes ordered it twice!!!


They also need to work on their fries. I somehow did not like them much also mac and cheese; it was completely tasteless.

Another thing that is worth mentioning is their buns that they serve with almost all the items on the menu. The buns were super fresh and delicious. A little bit sweet and they has a really different flavor to them that usually sweet buns we get here does not have. BUT such buns are great to have with tea or as a snack as they are quiet sweet in taste. I personally don’t like sweet buns with food, be it fish, grilled or fried chicken or burgers; it just kills the taste.

There are few areas where they can improve to make themselves better. Else it was a good experience.