Desi food is the most satisfying food. No matter how much junk you eat nothing satisfies your tummy the way desi khana like salan, roti and chawal does. Noon sey nihari is a place that serves you food which is desi and tastes just like the one cooked at home. It’s located at sea view Karachi opposite the Village salt and pepper restaurant.


Let’s start with the ambiance; it’s an indoor restaurant of approximately with the capacity of 35 persons seating area. The interior is designed keeping in mind the theme of the restaurant which is desi cuisine. The moment you enter; you see the front wall which is painted with two human figures from mughal era catches your eye, on the other side there is a mural brick wall and on the corner is a wall decorated with artificial flowers and plants which gives this place a very cozy and homely feeling.

Now let’s talk about my favorite part which is food. This place has a selection of desi dishes though the name suggest as if they are serving just nihari, but no; surprisingly they have other desi dishes too.

Let’s start with the appetizers, chatkeelay is a must try thing. These boiled potatoes, cut in to bite size portion and scooped out from the middle, filled with chick peas, delicious khatti meethi imli chatni and chaat masala are irresistible!


As I already mentioned they have quite a variety in the main course section. It’s a long list but I will only mention the ones I tried and are the must have dishes when you plan to go to Noon Sey Nihari.

Beef Nihari: They do have chicken nihari too but Nihari tou phir beef ki hoti haina, chicken is just a formality. The Nihari is delicious and tastes just like a homemade nihari, with less oil and no heavy feeling. You can easily tell the meat and ingredients used are of good quality.


Paya: They have both mutton and beef paya on the menu and both have their distinct taste with the right amount of spices and stickiness that paya’s should have.  Must try for paya lovers.

PurMaghaz: This basically is brain masala and It’s delicious! The description that they have given on the menu is “the best brain eating experience ever” trust me; there is no doubt about that statement.


Farmaisi Fish: This is the only sea food dish they have on the menu.  Fish fillets cooked in thick scrumptious gravy; served with zeera rice. The recipe definitely is unique as I have never tasted this sort of fish gravy in any other restaurants here.


Handia Daal: it’s actually daal makhni sort of daal served in handi. The daal is rich in taste and creamy  in texture because of good amount of cream and butter used in it. You can try this lip smacking dish with roti , rice or just with spoon. I love it with Karak kulcha.


Dera Kebabs: They are sort of Chapli kebabs. Crispy outside and soft inside served with an amazing chatni.

Chatpat Chicken: it’s a boneless chicken dish cooked in chatpatay spices with capsicum. It’s an interesting dish to try, its chatpati, spicy and can be enjoyed with rice too.

They have couple of more dishes on the menu that you can try. I simply love the creativity they showed in naming their dishes.

In the sweet dish section they have delectable shahi tukra’s that are served cold, suji halwa which is cooked fresh in desi ghee and mouthwatering kulfi.

Mentha lime and Mentha ginger are must try drinks; they are cool, refreshing and very digestive to compliment the desi khana. Burppp!!!!

Hope this review will help you in choosing and trying the best dishes they have on the menu. Fill your tummies with good food and stay healthy. You know for the foodies like us It’s always “tummy khush tou hum khush ” 🙂