A mesmerizing waterfall which will make you fall on your knees. See it to believe it.

Manthoka waterfall is located in kharmang valley. This stunning waterfall is approximately 180 feet high from ground level. It’s an amazing sight to watch such a huge, splashing waterfall coming down with immense power and then mixing into an elegantly flowing river stream which eventually falls in to river Indus. If you are a nature lover there is a lot for you to explore and absorb. The sound of water gushing over rocks with gravity and force, river stream which is flowing smoothly, the mix of both creates an amazing jugal bandi (music), It’s not only a treat for your eyes but for your ears and other senses too. It’s a place where you just want to forget everything and indulge yourself in the spectacular landscape, the lush green grass, trees standing tall, huge mountains in the background, sparkling water, fresh air; all combines together to make you alive.