Pakistan is no doubt a beautiful country, a country with breath taking views and scenery. There is a very fine difference in being a traveler and a tourist and as being a traveler and an explorer myself I completely fell in love with this beautiful ad by Telenor-Telenor Rawaan. The way Jami portrayed the mix of our cultures and  captured these stunning views like shahi mosque, khunjerab pass, Karakoram Highway, gawadar, interior sindh, balochistan, etc; all the four provinces  is just brilliant. For me and I am sure for a lot of other viewers its just not an ad, its a journey of discovering and rediscovering yourself and  our land Pakistan.

Wow! what a  brilliant concept. A young bag packer in search of something; what is he searching, may be he himself does not know… is on his journey to various destinations without having a clue where he is going, meeting people of different cultures, observing his surroundings, absorbing nature; its views and sounds, listening to that divine silence which is a complete conversation in itself, looking for clues that can help him solving this puzzle, finding something which is deep down somewhere in him but he just cant figure out; in short is on a journey of self discovery.

“THIS IS SO ME” these were the words I uttered when I saw this ad for the first time.

Oh my Goodness it gives me goosebumps whenever I hear this song; sung in a raw earthy voice. The Sufiana element touched the core of me and took me to a nostalgic journey of my past adventure trips I took as a traveler to explore myself and my beautiful country Pakistan. And my journey is still Rawaan to self discovery. “Bhit ja bhitai” will be the song that will accompany me as my travel partner in my next adventure trip I plan.

I Just love the campaign name. Rawaan in urdu means something that is in motion (moving). Definitely a lot of thought was given while deciding the name for this campaign as it syncs so well with the concept and the message Telenor is trying to deliver of keep going, explore! explore Pakistan ( I feel this ad will definitely promote tourism in Pakistan) and the main and very deep message to explore yourself. The journey of discovery and exploration be it worldly or spiritually should never stop and stay Rawaan. Enlighten yourself.

Excellent work Telenor Pakistan #telenorrawaan Keep it up! An amazing tribute to Pakistan on our independence day.